Do the scans present any risk to the baby?

There has been extensive research into the 2 / 3 & 4D scanning area field over present years, all concluding that there are no untoward effects for either the baby or mother. In fact all baby scans work in the same way. The difference between 2 and 3 / 4D scanning is that images are continually captured and processed by a computer to build up a three dimensional picture. That being said it is considered good practice not to excessively scan babies particulaly in early pregnancy and scan times should be kept to a minimum as a precaution. The regulatory bodies agree with us that only Fully Qualified Sohographers should conduct pregnancy scans. The fequency of scans should always be kept to a minimum.even with the high levels of safety that exist within ultrasound. 

Is there anything I can do to improve my images?

The main factors that influence the quality of your images are the position of the baby and it’s surrounding water. There have also been studies that suggest excessive abdominal fat may have some negative impact on image quality. As these are outside of your control, there’s no real preparation that can be done before-hand to improve the quality of your scans but drinking orange juice or eating chocolate 30 minutes before hand can make them more active to show a greater range of images.

At what point during my pregnancy can I book a 4D scan?

Best results can be seen between 26 and 29 weeks although they can be done from 22-32 weeks, as the baby will be well formed and surrounded with sufficient quantities of water. During later stages of pregnancy, the baby will move lower down into the pelvis obscuring the view, as well as leaving less water as they grow.

How bout twins?

We recommend women with twins visit at around 27 weeks rather than later, we will add £30 to the price of the scan and scan you for 15 minutes longer if needed to try and get both faces!

Do I need to drink water before a scan?

No. There’s no need to drink more water than you usually would, nor are there any other dietary requirements.

How is a scan performed?

Scans are undertaken by a fully qualified ultrasonographer, and are performed externally over the abdomen similar to hospital early pregnancy scans.

Can I bring the family along?

Absolutely. This is a special time for all those involved. You’re all welcome to come and relax in our comfortable rooms with a tea or coffee. There’s something for the kids too, with a range of various toys for all ages to play with.

Do you have to find out the sex if you have a 4D scan

Not at all. We would stay well clear of that area, 4D is much more targeted than your hospital scan, we position a box over the area we want to see in 4D and then when we go into 4D you only see the area we’ve chosen to see.

Will you tell me if you see any abnormalities?

Our scans are not intended to detect abnormalities, however you will be notified should we identify any problems so you can be checked at your local hospital. Under exceptional circumstances and with your permission, we may contact them on your behalf.

What do I do if I wish to Complain?

Contact us via email, telephone or letter and we contact you within 24 hours to inform you that we have started looking into your complaint. We will then be able to advise you on a timescale for a full response

How do you follow the BMUS princliples?

Only using qualified and experienced Sonographers

Examination times are kept to the necessary allocations.

Machines are serviced annually to ensure that output levels are correct and are as low as reasonably achievable.

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